mkkk1244 asked:

What do I say to my mom when she asks me how my day was.... She knows I'm depressed yet acts like I'm just gonna miraculously be happy the next day

I believe although may be a very big challenge to tell her the truth (: If your having trouble with people at school or in general don’t be afraid to tell her that, “well mum things actually Arnt going how I like.” I’ve learnt that my mum was once a child too, and maybe she didn’t go through depression but to at least have someone to talk to helps so much. I seriously couldn’t tell you anything else but be honest with her, otherwise she will never know what’s going on and how your actually doing she’s probably waiting, thinking things are getting better, thinking your happy. She’s probably very worried about how you are doing, she would never want anyone or anything to hurt you! I’m sorry if I’m not that much help, but give it a go it will defiantly take some time I believe. Try to enjoy life and think positively! Good luck Hun! 😊